The Glade

My project is a modification of the MyCollege project (project 2 in the lessons presented in this video series).  I didn't change the structure much at all, although with some text and colouring changes, I did need to mess with a fair few of the settings.

I found this to be a very fun way to wrap up the lessons - not really working from scratch and applying all that I've learnt, but playing around with the settings in a way that shows me how familiar I have become with the html and css coding relative to where I had been before the lessons.

I chose to create a website for newcomers to the Glade from the Mazerunner book series.  Now, when new people arrive in the Glade, their confusion can be alleviated by means of a handy website with all the necessary information in one place.

Here is the full-size website:


And here is the mobile view:



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