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The Giving Initiative

You have an initiative which has great potential to change lives or even the world.

Your work already shows promise and your story of what's possible is already capturing the imagination of everyone you tell it to.

To kick things into gear, entrepreneurs and startups like yours often realize that they should be pursuing private funding to get things off the ground or to enrich your portfolio of support, especially from individuals who can grasp what your work and mission is all about.  You might even have a few people in mind, but have no idea how to approach them thoughtfully or what to say to them and ask for.

You don't need more generic advice on fundraising; you don't want to pay for pages of complex plans that you will then have to figure out how to put into action.

What you need are directions on how to tell a powerful story about your initiative that not only inspires but makes a clear case for your funding needs - to the right people, with the right ask.  I can help with tailored workshops and customized playbooks detailing exactly what you need to do.

If you are further along and have had already had some success fundraising but want to take things to the next level and design larger campaigns, secure bigger gifts, say in the six and seven figure range - I can help with practical strategies.

Finally, if you are a professional raising funds for a terrific effort, and need support to deepen your campaigns, engage your supporters, curate an ongoing network or close on some particularly challenging asks that have you stumped - I can help you with coaching that will immediately elevate your game.

Americans give some $300 billion to charity every year - if you are doing great work and are able to tell your story, there's a good chance that there are like-minded people that would be interested in giving and being a part of what you are creating.  I can help you connect with them.

I look forward to hearing your story and supporting your dreams.

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