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The Giver

Well I've been working on this projec for a while but I'm just getting around to posting my progress. 

I chose to work on The Giver by Lois Lowery. This was one of my favorite books as a kid and it was a joy to read again for this project. I've chosen to work with the Letter G as I associate it much more with the story than I do the L from the author's name. 


Research: SPOILERS

The Giver is a distopian Story originally presented as a Utopia.  As Jonas discovers that he is differnt from the others in his family and community he is appointed as The Receiver. This is the highest honored position in the whole community and is only appointed once a generation. As he meets with the Giver he learns that his role is to receive and hold all of the memories and feelings that the community has chosen to forget. He quickly learns the horrible cost of the "Sameness" Ideal that the community maintains. 


I think the challenge with this book will be communicating the transformation that takes place. Concepts like Emotion, memory, pain; the change from "sameness" to differnt. 



Here are a few of my sketches for the G. Some Ideas I'm exploring are:
• The concept of a cycle, giver to receiver etc.
• The bicycle is a strong visual symbol in the book.
• The apple is the first thing that Jonas sees in color. 
• The syringe is that Catalyst for Jonas leaving.
• The hand is the point of transfer between the giver and receiver.


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