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The Giver - Lois Lowry

So I am an au pair and currently reading through The Giver by Lois Lowry. This book is the set work book for a 12 year old boy I care for. First my idea was to do The Outsiders but I battled with that book, so I restarted.

In a nutshell the giver depicts the story of a boy named Jonas. Jonas lives in what is a 'controlled' community. A community devoid of individuality, emotion and memory. The community has been created to avoid pain, devastation and disruption. So at the age of 12 they children of the community are assigned job titles, based on a life long observation by the communities elders. Jonas however gets 'selected' to be trained as the new receiver of memories. In this journey Jonas discovers that there are things like emotion, colour, memories and individuality. As he embarks on this journey he has internal conflict about the life he has been living.

I chose to hone in on the journey of receiving memories from the Giver. Jonas gets trained by an older male figure who transfers the memories of the entire world to Jonas. The manner in which he transfers the memories is by placing his hand on Jonas's back. There is a strong idea of life in the form of colour. Red being the very first colour Jonas experiences. As I read the book I kept seeing this idea of colour being tranfered or as the blanks of the notion of memory is filled...there seems to be new colour added to Jonas's journey.

I have attached my notes and sketches. I look forward to some feedback as I am still in the phase of refinement before I go to the digital component of this project.

Some key elements from the book was:

Memory exchange





Construction of new ideologies


This is my final sketch and the idea behind it is, the whole contruction of new experiences, through the process of memory exchange. I am thinking of adding fragments of colour and giving the letterform a 3 dimentional feel. I also want to incorporate the hand, as this is in essence the giver giving Jonas a whole new universe of emotion, colour and memory.

Here is the final design in digital format:

A revised version of my design in which I made the some edits to the g in the background.

The final design on the book cover:


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