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The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Tieg Larsson

Hello everyone! 

I have chosen the most interesting book that I know for this project: The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.

Here you can find some notes.

My basic idea:
A dragon in as a letter L. 

L stands for the main character Lisbeth and also for the surname of the autor Larsson.

Option 1:

Option 2: 

Here are the two main rough sketches that I would like to proceed with..
They are not really precisely drawn, because I just wanted to show the basic idea.

- I can not decide which option is better,

- I also have problems with the letter. The dragon head adds a lot of mass to the I am not sure where to add more mass so the letter will be stable.

-I would also like to include 'murder' and 'mystery' and 'men who hate women' in the illustration.. One of my ideas is to make the tail of the dragon into a knife and also to add some blood somewhere.. I was also thinking if I should make the end of the tail into a sign for women and then 'chop it off' - for the men who hate women part. A tiny sketch of that is on the Option1 in the right corner :)

Please help me with ideas and sugestions! :)
Thank you!

Update 2

Hey guys! 
I made a lot of improvements to the letter. Now I am figuring out what to do next with it :) 
Lisbeth is a hacker, so I was thinking maybe to include codes:

-or I am just going to add volume to the dragon letter and add some other things..
Not sure :)

Update 3

I was spending many hours thinking what to do with my dragon. So this is my result, I am stil not pleased with it, so I hope some of you can give some ideas what to improve next :)
Thank you so much for all your comments, they were very useful!! :)

So, I made it grunge looking. I wanted to include this mystery element... It still needs improving.. I was drawing with different kinds of brushes. If anyone knows another great way how to do a nice grunge illustration look, please do tell. I was adding also some texture.

In the background I added some computer codes. (Because Lisbeth is a hacker).


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