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The Girl and the giant peacock

                                        The girl and the giant peacock


Ther was a 10 years old girl that lived in a village next to the woods in a rural area somewhere. One day the girl went for her stroll in the woods and had found a hatchling of a bird she didn’t not recognize.she thought it was the most beautiful creature she ever set her eyes on , she imagined it to grow and become something she will be proud of. She brought the hatchling home and nourished it,fed it and loved it like his own mother. The hatchling grew to be a giant peacock like bird, 7 meters tall, as beautiful as one can imagine. The village people who had heard about this marvel gathered in the village square in order to experience this magical phenomena, and they were enchanted by its miraculous voice, The village evenings became a moment of joy and magic, all the village members gathering each night in the center, exchanging stories and united as one under the mesmerizing music of the giant bird that had a spell like effect on them, giving them hope and a moment of optimism after a long day working at the fields, in return they gave him their love. One morning the girl noticed that the giant peacock Is not well, few of his feathers fell off and the color of his eyes was yellowish. She gave him his food but he refused to eat, that night as the night before the giant peacock sang at the village center but his voice was different then before, not as pleasant, the people started to feel that something was wrong, In the next days his conditions worsened each day he lost more and more feathers, started having bald spots on his body and his voice gotten even worse.The girl called the village doctor to examine her baby, the doctor came and ran some tests but he could not find anything wrong, a mysterious illness he said. The lively and happy evenings at the village square became emptier and less and less lively, people preffered staying at home rather then witnessing the now fearsome apparition of the giant peacock, not to mention its voice that became crude and rusty. The people pf the village gathered a meeting claiming the bird had developed some tropical dangerous disease and with the fear of it infecting the rest of the village population it must be sent away. The girl started crying and refused to accept that decision, she couls not imagine the thought of giving away her baby to what will be a certain death, she pleaded and cried but the village council has spoken and she was given one last night with him.

When she entered the barn where the bird used to sleep the bird was now completely bald apart from one single feather,It was laying on the ground motionless and breathing heavily,she approached him sobbing, hugged him, his eyes opened and she saw the understanding in its eyes, he nodded with his head and with a shrieking breath turned his head away pointing to a wall covered with knives, she wiped her tears and with a stumbling step she approached the wall and picked a large knife then approached back towards the giant bird.She kissed him and with a rapid movement she stabbed him in his throat, his eyes opened wide and a silent beautiful high pitched voice came out of his slightly open beak, as the warm blood poured down on her arms she watched how his eyes are closing and the sound fading into a heavy silence. While the village people were sound asleep the girl was busy in the barn, with the knife she carved out pieces of its flesh and wrapped them in little sacks, carving and cutting with tears in her eyes..When the dawn broke the awakening village people who stepped out of their homes were surprised to see a gift wrap of fresh meat laying on their door step, and the trails of blood that directed towards the village center, when the people rushed there they had discovered a massive bone sculpture of the peacock, posed in its glory , and the girl curled up  as a baby sleeping inside its rib cage, all soaked with blood.


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