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The Girl On The Train

This class was perfect for me right now!  I thought for awhile about something I wanted to try and illustrate and settled on a scene from The Girl On The Train.  I didn't try to portray it exactly the way the book had laid it out - instead I really wanted to capture what I was seeing while I read it.  The only thing I know for sure is correct is the house numbers and the blue dress :)

I didn't sketch out a plan very well, but it gave me a good reference for going forward.  I really wanted to put a dark shadow from the tunnel going out to the houses affected, but in the end I could never get it to look like I had imagined.  Maybe I'll change that one day.  (I briefly considered doing Mysterious Island, one of my favorites, but was just too overwhelmed) My husband helped me fix my windows and doors - his sketches are at the bottom.

Color blocking.... (photo of a screenshot is all I remembered to do, oops)

And then finished...for now.  After taking this class and some pattern making classes - it was so fun to make a brush, then make a pattern from that brush to use for the grass and stones on the railroad. I still have problems with perspective, but I also didn't want it to be too perfect.  I'm toying with redoing this in all one color and just different hues.  I think it could be cool.


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