Alfie Privat

Life Long Learner



The Gift of Science

When the scientists perfected grafting, one of the first things that were mass produced for public consumption was coffee that bloomed from a rose. It might as well had been a hammer that transformed into a car. This was the year 2155 and the glass on my window woke me up every morning with the weather, traffic and "important" news curated specifically for my lifestyle. One Saturday afternoon the most dreadful thing happened. I was watching this program on National Geographic about snakes when I heard a thud; it was an eagle. It crashed into my window at full speed trying to catch the snake being displayed on  the screen. That wasn't the worst of it; it left a big blob of poop on the window. The poop stayed there until the rain finally washed it away. The sun could now shine, with all its brilliance, through my window once again. Two and a half years later where there use to be brilliant sunlight is now the shadow of the mango tree that bears fruit all year outside this very same window - even so in the dead cold of winter. According to our Chief Scientist and President, AGCL (meaning Advance Genetic Computing Lifeform), "man found the key to unlocking nature's secrets when it created the first being to surpass him in intelligence." Tell that to the elephants who now compete with the wooly mammoths for food during the months of drought in sub-Saharan Africa.


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