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Kenneth Weins

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The Gift of Gab

First Lesson: A Stranger Comes to Town:

I remember the first time I saw him, tough looking guy, hard as nails. A real man’s man, he'd rather shoot you than talk to you. He came riding in on a black horse. I did not notice any supplies with him, except the shotgun in his right hand. He would not make eye contact per se, he would just stare people down until they looked away. I don’t like people like this in my town. I get to know them real quick. Either you are going to become friendly or you are going to get the hell out of my town. I got that right as mayor and sheriff. He tried to stare me down as he rode past me. I said, “Howdy.” and tipped my hat at him. He did not even acknowledge me. He went about 15 feet down the road, jumped off his horse and tied it to the post outside the hotel. I will let him have a good night’s sleep and then find out his intentions first thing tomorrow morning.

                The next morning I am up before the rooster crows. I been like that my whole life. The first thing on my mind is the stranger. I wonder what time he wakes up. I want to buy him breakfast and get to know him. Things will turn out fine. They always do. I been sheriff for 20 years and never had to pull my gun. People say I have the gift of gab. I can talk a person down from any bad decision.

                I walk to the hotel. They have a café in the lobby. We can get breakfast there. I walk into the lobby and sit down, I am the only patron right now. Shirley asked me “What can I get you today hun?” I replied, “Good morning Shirley. Hey, did you talk to the new guy last night?” “He just said he needs a room for a week and he would pay me on a daily basis.” “Oh wait, here he comes now.” I replied. “Excuse me Shirley, I need to go introduce myself.”

                The stranger sat down at an empty table. I approached him and said “Good morning. I would like to buy you breakfast. Would you mind if I sit here with you?”  


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