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The Giant Ledge

My girlfriend Molly and I had rented a cabin in the catskills of NY for a couple days and we decided that it would be great to celebrate the New Year with a hike. I went online and found a local trail that seemed easy enough; 3 miles up and back. It was cold so I dressed warm - Molly not so much. By the time we reached the lookout, her feet were frozen, hands were numb and the ethusiasm had fled. Being her first hike I wanted to take a couple photos. We did some straightforward portaits but I got this shot as she was standing off to the side and the light was coming through the trees across her face in an interesting way. 

I found that I needed to have my camera out and ready to shoot because it was when I wasn't expecting that something struck me as provocative. It was that in between moment. 


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