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The Giant Heart

Growing up in Philadelphia, the area's children's museums have always held a special place in my - ready for this? - heart.

Coincidentally, the exhibit I can remember most exactingly is the Giant Heart, a walk-through, to-scale model of the human ticker. It was fun, vibrant, and frankly kinda smelly - but that was just part of the allure. It sat (and still sits) in the center of the Franklin Institue, a museum which was (and still is) every 3rd grader's dream and every chaperone's nightmare. 

Looking back on it, the exhibit's branding is, well, pretty blah. I'd like to come up with something a little more exciting and of-this-era.

Ideally, I'm thinking something simple, but not simplistic. Something that's eye catching, kid friendly and perhaps even smirk-worthy for the adult crowd. Like a Pixar movie.

I'm hoping for lively, cartoony imagery with judicious use of white space. Hopefully that's not too much to ask of myself. Crossing my fingers.


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