The Ghosttown

The Ghosttown - student project

This project got me into trying more clear forms and shapes. Usually I'm more a fan of organic texture-like shading and forms. But this time I wanted to stick with that clear approach Eric used. 

I didn't go outside to get some inspiration, but looked out of my windows. The town where I live got the feeling of a ghosttown since there are stricter rules for the people because of covid-19. On the other hand springtime is slowly coming up. It's that time of year when I wait every day when the trees start to come back to life infront of my window. But it still didn't really happen. Days like these create a strange mood: The trees still bare, only a few people in the normaly busy streets and a sun in a blue but cold sky giving her best to brighten up the scenery. It all feels like a ghosttown to me.

I did the warm-ups and found some shapes and ideas, I wanted to include.


The Ghosttown - image 1 - student project


The Ghosttown - image 2 - student project 

The cardboard to look through really helped to find some inspiration in the surroundings. Nice idea! :)

The Ghosttown - image 3 - student project


After all I decided to combine elements from the warm-up-doodles and the scenes I could find with the help of the cardboard. I experimented a bit with different angles, compositions and shading:


The Ghosttown - image 4 - student project


And here is the result - two different pieces. After sketching it out with a pencil, I used my nib and black ink, a neuland marker and an edding marker to finish it:

The Ghosttown - image 5 - student project

Thank you Eric for the great workshop, tips and insight into your working process! :)