The Get Fit Mom Gets Fit

My Fitness Goals:

~To get back to jogging. Right before I got pregnant with Baby #2, I had just started working my way up to a light job. I started by walking on the treadmill, and then gradually increasing my speed to the point of a jog. I was able to jog a mile in 15 minutes. I never jogged in my life. This was a huge accomplishment. I want to get back to doing this.

~To jog/walk a 5K. I had walked in marathons when I was younger to support MS (I even did it 5 months pregnant). That was over 10 years ago though. I would like to be able to walk in a marathon for a cause again. I am doing something good for myself and raising awareness for a good cause.

~Squat 495 lbs again! I know it sounds glorious, and actually that is how I want it to sound. No, I am not an Olympic athlete. I did 495 pounds of a Hack Squat. Let me tell you one thing: There is no better feeling than being a big girl, walking into the gym and having these juiced up muscle guys stare at you in astonishment wondering, "What is her fat ass going to do"? I started off small, by lifting just the frame with no plates, and then gradually increased to plates and heavier. Even my fiancee was like, "Yea, bitches! That's my girlfriend"!

~Keep drinking all that water. I didn't want to say anything but I actually have gills and a fin. I drink a lot of water. Not a full gallon worth, but very close to that. I am just a naturally thirsty person. And although I have been checked and cleared of any health problems, I do take certain medications for anxiety adn such. These can be the reasonI am always thirsty, but if this is a side effect, I'll take it! It's certainly a healthy one!

~Reduce red meat. For starters I don't really like red meat. And if I do eat it, it's usually in an unhealthy form from a fast fod restaurant. And we all know I don't need that crap. Since it is fairly easy for me to eliminate from my diet, I have made it my New Year's Resolution to 'No Red Meat'. On a side note: I did crash this resolution the first week because I had a rice ball and didn't realize there was meat in the center until after I ate it. :::Airhead moment::

~Get back into yoga. When I first started yoga I felt like a whale in a goldfish bowl. People were bending in ways I never could imagine. Then I started doing yoga regularly. I am naturally flexible, so it started to become a cinch. I actually loved it! I looked forward to going to classes and made that hour "my time" to breathe, reflect, cherish, and pray. Yoga got me feeling better on a whole new level that strength training and cardio could never achieve. 

My Health Goals:

~To monitor my blood pressure. Two years ago I was working in an office. I loved the company that I worked for, but the department was new, and the standards were set way too high. When I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on water pills and medication and told to see a cardiologist. To make a long story short: I got fired from the job, started eating really healthy, and went to the gym religiously. After a year I was off my blood pressure and water pills, and my pressure was regulated. The doctor was 100% skeptical, and the cardiologist didn't believe me when I went to see him- I even brought my vitamins, supplements and fiancee to vouch for me. Needless to say, I have no had high blood pressure since then (However I did have pre-eclampsia during this last pregnancy).

~Take my vitamins and supplements. I need to take Iron supplements because I found out that my iron levels were dangerously low after having my son. After some research, I found that I had always had low iron levels even prior to having my son. I also want to take a probiotic. I have gained some interest in taking a probiotic and feel that it is something that could possibly help me in my effort to get healthy. I am also experimenting (sounds dangerous right!!) with Raspberry Ketones and Natural Green Colon Cleanse.

~Meditation for the mind. I really need to set aside some time during the week to allow myself to meditate. I used to be very spiritual. I would spend hours a week meditating and cleasing my chakras to balance and find a clean energy. I have gotten away to doing that and really feel sluddgy on the inside. My meditation sessions would get so intense that I was able to mentally transcend my soul to communicate to loved ones that have passed on. I know- roll your eyes. But it's true. After speaking to specialists in this field I have come to find out that, that type of meditation is very powerful, and while not impossible to achieve it is hard.

How I Will Achieve My Goals:

  • I will track my daily tasks and calorie intake with Noom on my Android device. There are many articles and forums to learn more about my goals.
  • I will hold myself accountable for going to the gym by signing up with GymPact and committing to the low end of my gym goal.
  • I will wear my FitBit as much as possible and track my progress on
  • I will log all my steps and exercise routines in Fitocracy daily. 
  • I will attempt to be more socially outgoing. I would like to communicate with people on Noom, FitBit and Fitocracy. I will make one person from each site a partner to helping me achieve my success.
  • I will write my success/failures/challenges on The Get Fit Mom for everyone to see. The more people I can get involved in helping me out and partnering up with my efforts the better.
  • I will finish my Nutrition Course. If money was no object I would have finished a year ago. With less than $100 left to pay off my course and get my certification, I need to make this happen.


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