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The Gay Agenda

Hello! My name is Karon, I'm 26, and an Illustration major at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I'm entering my Junior year next fall.

So, I absolutely love Sarah's Scribbles, and when I saw she had a class, I had to join... thankfully that promotion ran where we could sign up for free, cause I'm completely broke, lol.

So, anyway, I started a little autobiographical comic last summer called "The Gay Agenda" that follows the adventures of myself and my small circle of friends who are collectively known as "The Gays". We all met through a mutual friend and we all happened to be gay, so it worked, lol.

I've currently got 2 strips up at but I've had a hard time putting out more, and I realized what the problem was. I never sat down and actually planned out how the comic and characters would look, and the comic suffered for it. So, here I am.

So, below is my first series of sketches. I watched the videos and poked around other people's projects to get some ideas and then pulled out my sketchbook. Right now, I'm focused on drawing myself.. I'll figure out my friends afterwards.

I'm a big girl, so I wanted to draw a rounder figure. I've also got large-ish nose, small mouth, and small hands, and perpetually rosy cheeks. (Serioulsy, my face is red all the freaking time, lol) I've got curly hair cut short and with a sidecut, so I added that, and my usual outfit of jeans and a tshirt.

Something I've always had a hard time doing is simplifying my drawings... I can draw realism just fine, but cartooning isn't my strong suit. I'm not completely 100% on this design, but I think it's headed in the right direction, so some feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

Cartoony expressions are something I'm still struggling with, but I'm playing around with a few.

I also doodled my two pets... they're a big part of my life and I intend to share stories of them in TGA as well. I've got a 4 year old cat, Salem, and a 16 year old boa constrictor, Diamond.

Of the sketches below, the one in the bottom right is the most recent and was done in PS. It's the one I'm the most happy with so far. Let me know what you guys think!


UPDATE #1 (6/3/15)

Woo, sorry for the long break, I had some commissions to finish and then I decided to submit a pitch to The Other Side Anthology, and the deadline was the 31st, so yeah. I did sketch in the meantime and played around with the design a bit. My main goal was to simplify as much as possible and I finally came up with something I like.


Drawing this style from the side is a little weird, but practice should fix that, I think. So, lemme know what you guys think, and I'm gonna play around with possible storylines for my first short comic in this style. :)

UPDATE #2 (7/4/15)

I finally finished my comic strip! Things got insane in real life.. my brother was admitted to the hospital June 5th and is now recovering in rehab (doing sooo much better :D) so I had like, no time for art for the longest time. But, during my spare time, I played with my character a little bit more, and realized that I liked using traditional media a lot more and came up with a nice look using micron liners, brush pens and a little copic marker. So, here it is!


Oh! One more thing I did: when I write, my handwriting can get really messy unless I really take my time. I wanted my comic to have a handwritten feel to it, but didn't trust my own hand that much. So I made my own font on, took my time on the template, and now I can type my own handwriting into photoshop! :D

So, I had a lot of fun making this, and seeing everyone else's work in this class really helped me figure out where my problems were. My plan for this comic is to update every Saturday on a tumblr blog, starting this week.

Let me know what you guys think! Thanks for everything!


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