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The Gather App

Project Summary:

The Gather app's practical tools, simple suggestions and community of eager cooks and eaters, gives friends, families and even strangers the power to get together over home cooked meals regularly, not just on special occasions.


People find it difficult to share meals with friends and family as often as they would like.

Assumptions about our users:

People want to get together more frequently over meals.

People will use a tool to facilitate getting together for a meal.

People have friends or family who they want to get together with.

Assumptions about our tool:

Our tool will motivate people to get together over a meal more often

Our tool will make it easier and be more useful to users than other tools that are available for gathering people (group text, email, e-vite type tool).

Our tool will focus the gathering on cooking and sharing food.


This is where we are stuck.  We don't think we will get valuable data by asking users hypothetical survey type questions.  We think we need a more tangible MVP to show a potential user in order to get valid feedback. Do you recommend that we build a mock up of the app and use that to gather feedback?  How important is the look and feel of an MVP for a product that is so reliant on it's functionality to succeed?


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