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The Garden Party and Other Stories by Katharine Mansfield

I have FINALLY started my research. Here are some of the book cover designs that I've found:


So most of the covers I came across depict a garden party with lots of flowers and pretty dresses. This description covers about half of the short story that the collection is named after. After seeing these I really want to try to merge both part of the story, the high class, extravagant garden party and the grieving family that is just a short walk away from the party. 

This cover was the closest one I could find to actually depicting both parts of the story:


This, however, seems like there was a death AT the garden party, when in the story it's really to show the extreme difference between the party and the death and the people surrounding both circumstances. 

Just from the research, I've found that I really want to make a cover design that both looks beautiful and incorporates a lot of flowers, but also depicts death in that beauty. That is what the short story is about, so it seems to be the most appropriate route. 

The story was very influential in modernist literature, so I'd like to show it in a kind of modernist light too. Chaotic or something.

Here are some initial concepts I've come up with:

  • Content dead man with beautiful flowers all around him
  • Big, gorgeous house with lots of flowers, with a rundown, dirty town behind it.
  • A basket of pretty food and flowers sitting next to a coffin (or something else depicting death

That's all I've got for now! 


Not sure about my book choice yet, but super excited to start this project!


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