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The Galactic Bountyhunter

The Galactic Bountyhunter is a small videogame about the bountyhunter Snorro Moustachio I worked on for my study last year. I never really made a nice titlescreen for the game so with this class I felt it would be a nice opportunity to create one.


Because the game is set in the future and space I wanted to have a title that looks futuristic so I looked took a look at movies set in space like Star Wars and the likes of it to draw inspiration from.

After several sketches I came up with a design where the title is trapping itself, which really fits with the game where the bounty hunter finds himself trapped inside an asteroid following a notorious criminal.

I uploaded the sketch into Illustrator where I recreated it using an existing font as a base, retweaked the hell out of it to get the final result.


I'm quite happy with the result because now Snorro Moustachio has a nice titlescreen that he deserves and I thought it was a fun project to work on.


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