The Gain!

Hi Fellow Fitocrats and Skillshare!

I'm Uni from Faroe Islands, 23 years of age. 

I have always been an active guy, but also very fond of the computer screen, for all my life. From 10 years of age to 20 i did gymnastics and tricking.

I started lifting at 18, but was ½ curlbro'ing it out and by 22 i was starting to look more and more like Johnny Bravo with a big chest and arms, and nothing else to show for.

Last year i joined Fitocracy on January 12. my mission was to change my physique, i started IF/LG and was getting into heavier squats and deadlift,

In January 2012 i weighed some 74kg, and by april 12th i was down to roughly 63kg, and felt comfortable by taking my first Fitocracy pic. From there i started really lifting heavy so around April to November, i went from

105kg bench    to 125kg bench

110kg squat     to 152kg squat

120kg deadlift  to 210kg deadlift, and put on some 4-5kg of mostly lean mass while still balancing off the fat.

After almost 8 months of pulling big weights in 67.5kg weightclass, i saw that i wouldn't be able to get the steroid filled local record on 237kg deadlift by march. With my body aching like never before, i took a week off and thought about what i wanted, if i really wanted to destroy my ligaments and spine for 3 more months for 1 lousy local record, or drop some jaws by attempting to put on some lean mass the next 4-5 months for a fitness competition.

My goal was only temporary, as i know i want to try boxing out when i move to Denmark later this year, i saw that Bodybuilding / Fitness outweighed the powerlifting style of training.

So here i am, a Lean machine going heavier, while holding a low fat percentage! let's make this year, something new!

imgur: http://phantomu.imgur.com/

Fitocracy: https://www.fitocracy.com/profile/PhantomU/?feed


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