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The GTD Lifechange

Alright, so... this is my first time trying out a project over here, and I'm not sure on how I'll handle it through the course yet. So I decided to start just documenting my progress and get the feeling. 

The dramatic title aims to help on the self-motivation ;) haha

Personal Context: 

My main goal over the course is trying to find out how to improve my productivity. I consider that I have talent for organizing and categorizing things, and I love making lists and method workflows, but I see I have a critical issue on handling the tasks, organizing my ideas and objectively getting things done. 

I'm a designer, I have a day job and I also work freelancing on my spare time. I'm also an artist-wannabe. So even if not considering my day job, I have a huge load of side projects on freelancing, and my personal projects/ideas list is even bigger. In addition, I have a serious procrastinating problem and a "false starts" addiction. I consider that I actually manage to do many things, but I can't find a focus and organize myself as I think I should.

So, with all that and the suffering it provides, I can't seem to find a workflow that gets me going and blends well with my routine without feeling wearing after some time.

Phase Zero: Introduction (30/01/2014)

Couldn't help myself but laugh loudly on my GTD quiz results:

"Meh" - a great way to resume my daily performance feelings, hahaha.

Thiking about it, the two first phases match my self-avaluation - I tried to develop a system over them, but I still get messy sometimes. In the "Organize" part I do well - it's actually something I like to do - but on the moment of acting over it (phase 4 and 5, I assume) the huge problem rises.

Soon to be more! :D


Phase 1 and 2 (10/02)

I watched phase 1 a few days ago and installed Todoist. I got used with the inbox system almost immediatly, as it felt really good to get the thoughts out of my head as soon as I had them. So for the last few days I didn't had the time to go on with the class, but already started setting my inbox system. Now I already have a nice list to process! :)

So, the cool thing is, I was already addicted to Evernote before taking the course. It was the solo system I had for my lists and notes. So I got excited I would be able to keep it, as it is my familiar system; and by the same time I got really scared that what I already had there (something around 1600 notes, from refs to projects and finantial and favs and to-do lists) would be a huge mess to set up in order to get the GTD system working on it. Also, I had recently started moving some of my art references and favs to another system (Pinterest) so Evernote could be more focused on references and notes only for actionable projects. This middle-moving mess got me even more scared.

When the very first video of phase 2 ended, I knew that I would struggle thinking about how to organize my Evernote to receive the new data, so I kinda made a blind move - without knowing if it would be ok for the next steps on the course. Before I started processing, I created a new notebook on my Evernote called "_inbox" and got it set to be my default reference container on clipper or desktop. Then, I ignored the huge list of existing notebooks and added a task on my Todoist inbox, called "organize old notes on Evernote". I know it will fall into the Someday label in a few minutes, but I'm actually feeling okay with that - found a way to work around the anxiety I had coming and got into a more objective action (in this case, keep going with the course). For now I'll use this new notebook so I can clean my email and todoist inbox faster (since most of my inbox are references), and later I'll come back on to that.



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