The Fuzzies

The Fuzzies - student project

Whether you are from Katmandu, Timbuktu or Northern New Jersey, chances are that when you go to sleep at night, you sail to dream land snuggled up to your favorite blanket. Have you ever wondered just what makes blankets so warm, so comforting, such trusted companions? The answer is simple: deep in the blankets everywhere exists the magical world of The Fuzzies. The Fuzzies are busy spinning fuzz the key ingredient in comfort. Their love and dedication to the cultivation of all things fuzzy is what has kept blankets so nurturing throughout in the ages.

We all have the potential within us to be “Fuzzie” or “Scratchy.” At the core of this children's property is this notion that in order for the blanket to be fuzzie, we must develop and cultivate inner fuzziness. There is a direct relationship between our inner state and the fuzziness in the world. By consciously engaging in activities and choices that honor the blaket better we help "Spread the Fuzz".  Become an ambassador of Fuzziness and help blanket the world in LOVE!

The Fuzzies is a Children's intellectual property that can be extended across multiple platforms. There is a series of books as well as a feature length animated film in development.

The Fuzzies - image 1 - student project