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The Future is Going to be Awesome


I'm creating a cover for a fictitious band called "The Future Is Going To Be Awesome" which is inspired by Dan Reeder's first album. Dan touches on themes of Amerciana, sci-fi, aliens, Elvis, Coca Cola, lazers, women, beer, fantasy, and everyday life.


My two touchstones for inspiration for this piece are the cartoons of VIP (Virgil Partch) and a google image search result for "retro sci-fi spaceman".  I'd like to draw this in the whimsical style of VIP using elements from the google search and Dan Reeder's song "Clean Elvis":

I battled aliens
From outer space
They got one eye right
In the middle of their face
I grab my laser gun
I know my place
Somebody's got to save
The human race

Some type I worked up awhile ago, based on this idea:


Thumbnails & Sketches (Round 1):

Here's a first pass at sketching out some ideas for the final project. I'm thinking of depicting our hero up front with his ray gun, and three dead aliens in the background with a minamallistic BG.

Below is my final sketch for the project. I'm about to take it into illustrator and start building shapes. In the end I veered away from the shape heavy charachter design of VIP. It's a hard style to do right without looking too cheesey and generic. I'll be building this with solid vector shapes with little to no outlines. I'll play with the type a little more too. I'm not too sure about this type or the sizing.


Here's my current version. The basic shapes are laid out. I'm still figuring out how I'm going to do some of the subtle outlines on the figures (especially the aliens).  I'm thinking of playing a little with the smoke rising from the spacemans raygun, and wrapping it around the letters a bit. Once I get the colors and outlines nailed down i'll work on lighing and texture.

Here's a version with some textue. Not sure how I feel about this. Crits are welcome...


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