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Alexander Kirts

Designer / Videographer / Photographer



The French Bulldog - Omaha, Ne ( Restaurant & Charcuterie )

There is a local restaurant here in Omaha, Ne that serves fine foods as well as practices in the art of charcuterie. I believe there is a good opportunity here to push the hand-made / home-grown feel in this restuarant with some new labels. By reaseaching their current aesthetic I hope to tie in my work with their current branding. 

A little bit of information about myself: My name is Alex Kirts, I work for a small startup in Omaha, Ne as a graphic designer. I went to school in South Dakota and have been living in Omaha for three years. Im interested in improving my abilities to hand write text and use it in future branding and creative personal projects. Hit me up on twitter @alexcmyk 

Im excited to see what everyone comes up with, and feed back is always welcome :)



To start a documentary about charcuterie for those interested in what charcuterie is.

Here are a couple images I found inspiring. I will add more to my mood board after I get some pictures of the inside of the restaurant


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