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The FranknSon Project - It's Alive!

We believe that great story telling and content does not have to come  at great financial cost. 

If you look at the top-50 grossing domestic films in the United States, you will find that 40-plus of them were in the fantasy, science fiction, animation, and horror/terror genres. We see the game market also relecting this direction. 

Most belive this can not be done by single or mall groups of artist. Because this is hard for many to do, the competition in these genres for high quality films is low (not true for some game markets). There are only a handful of big studios that can take on a full 3-D feature animation. Most Indie filmmakers believe they don’t have the financing or expertise to pull off high-quality 3-D stereoscopic animation or VFX productions. Yet we all know that the best talent in the industry comes up the indie route, but they all assume their polished upscale project will have to wait until they make it to "Hollywood"—we think this is a false assumption. We need to step up to the Hollywood & Big Game Studios and challenge this assumation and prove that Indie filmmakers/Game makers can create world-class 3-D animations,Games, Interactive books, and VFX.

FranknSon" ( Project was born as  feature-length, 3D animation. FranknSon” tells the story of a young monster in search of a family. It’s a tale that will appeal to both kids and adults; as it draws upon the legendary Monsters from the golden age. It is about a forgotten group of Monsters that gets a second chance and a village that needs redemption. It’s a timeless story of love and family, of friendship and loyalty. It has evolve over many years and now has become a Transmedia project with the story being told via Games (2D & 3D), interactive books, and in web series in production now.

We want to teach and get the word out how any newbe whp loves to tell a stroy can do so with a little training. We belive in showig a diffrent path to making great content and showing how to created high-quality, innovative, iBooks, games, films, and software for the emerging digital and mobile platforms.


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