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The Four Horsemen

I want to make something that's a unique take on the four horsemen o fhte apolocalypse. It started as a unique take on the Grim Reaper, then I needed to think of something that was four differen tmoods, so I thought this would be an interesting idea to explore.

Here is my wordlists

Pestilence - Despair

white, green, sickly, plague, locusts, rotting flesh, undead, moldl yellow, infestations, flies, maggots, rats, poison, arrows, green, skull, gas mask

War - Rage

rage, red, blood, wounds, fire, destruction, brute, barbarian, helmet, horns, skull armor, weapons, arrows, swords, hammer/ax, death, corpses

Famine - Desolation

starving, skeletal/ribcage, undead corpse, weighing scales, hunchback, big sunken eyes, black cloak, wispy stringy white hair

Death - Fear

souls wailing, scythe, grim reaper, blood/red, shadow monsters, grave yard, tomb stones

Here is my first part of the series: Lady Death. Now onto Pestilance, Famine and War!

Woah! I had an incredibly busy month but now I'm back at it! Here's Pestilence. Famine and War should be coming up soon!

Here is Famine. War is the only one left!


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