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The Forest Queen


Summary (Blurb)

Ausmerria's life has never been simple. How could it be when she's in charge of an entire forest? Up until now Ausmerria has done pretty well in her duties as leader, but then everything changes. Humans are attempting to settle the forest and the animals are ready to do whatever it takes to keep them out. Ausmerria knows that this is a war that the forest cannot win, yet the animals will not listen to her. They keep on insisting that Ausmerria should use her influence over the forces of nature to wipe out the humans even though doing so would be against everything that the forest stands for. In a desperate attempt to stop a war, Ausmerria convinces the animals to give her a fortnight to fix things with the humans by either getting them to leave or adopt the ways of the forest. The animals agree to her terms, leaving one last problem: How will she get the humans to agree?

Target Audience

The Forest Queen is directed for ages twelve and up who like fantasy fiction novels.


A pack of wolves ran through the forest in pursuit of two others whose coats were pure white. The white wolves nearly reached river before they were surrounded by the wolf pack.

The pack alpha stood forward. He was the largest of all the wolves present. His magnificent coat of unblemished black fur only increased his ferocious image. The fearsome alpha growled. You are weak, Profetus. You are no longer fit to rule the forest.

The male white wolf, Profetus, growled back. I am strong enough to defeat you, Bolcar.

We will see about that. The alpha attacked in a breathtaking display of strength and agility. In one fell swoop, Bolcar clamped his jaws around the neck of Profetus and twisted it sharply. With a loud crunch, Profetus went limp and the wolf pack howled their victory.

Beside them stood the second white wolf. She was the daughter of Profetus and still just a small pup. She felt the pain of her father's death cut deep into her heart. She growled in anger at Bolcar. You will pay for what you have done.

Bolcar snarled. Is that a challenge, pup?

Perhaps it is you who is growing weak, Bolcar. You should know a challenge when you hear one, should you not?

Bolcar snapped. I was simply giving you a chance to take it back. I am not usually inclined to fight pups, but you have been a thorn in my side since the moment you were born. I will kill you with pleasure.

The small pup pulled her gums back from her teeth, a strange smile-like expression that caused a peculiar sense of disease in Bolcar. The pup took a step forward. I do not fear you, Bolcar.

I admire your courage, pup. I also find you foolish. You are no more fit to be the forest alpha than your father before you. Your death will be a mercy to us all.

Bolcar lunged at the pup, who easily leapt out of the way.

Your youth will only help you so much, pup. Ultimately, you will lose. Give up now and I shall make your death quick.

You can not defeat me, Bolcar. All around them, the air began to shift. The moonlight faded behind the clouds and rain began to fall. Then the rain turned to snow. Then sleet. Then hail. The wolves were pelted with masses of ice and blinded by the leaves, which blew furiously in the wind. All but the small white wolf were assaulted with these forces of nature. The eerie smile remained plastered on the pup's face as blood caked the fur of the wolf pack. The wind and the rain are friends of mine. Bow to me now and you will be spared!

Bolcar stared at the she-wolf in fear. Her snowy pelt was unblemished in the chaos and glint of misery mixed with malevolence could be seen in her eyes. Bolcar stood for a moment, wondering if he could wait her out.

The pup sensed his hesitancy and strengthened the storm. Bow before the new forest alpha or perish!

Bolcar bowed his head low and his pack mimicked the action. The storm immediately ceased and the forest righted its self.

The white pup stepped up to Bolcar. Rise and remember. This is your one and only warning. Challenge me again and it shall be the death of you.

Bolcar lifted his head. You toy with things that should not be toyed with, pup.

The young wolf gnashed her teeth. It is no concern of yours. And never call me pup again. My name is Ausmerria. You may call me Alpha.

*The Prologue is supposed to be an attention-getter while showing Ausmerria's power and how she came to be queen. The rest of the story will take place seven years in the future and will be written in first-person present-tense narration from the perspective of a nearly sixteen-year-old Ausmerria.


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