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The Football Pirate

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I work nearly exclusively with illustrations of football players so I wanted to develop my technique for sketching the body and getting the proportions right. Also giving the character some traits that convey some personality is something that I lack in my work. 

So I went with my version of Wayne Rooney, a player who hasn't fulfilled his massive potential and instead smokes away from the game and gets fat in the off season.

Here is my updated illustrator version of my original sketch. I've added a fed up expression, a cigarette, a beer belly and the ball, the symbol of his profession is in the background not holding his attention.

During the course of converting my sketch to linework i hit on some minor but pleasing changes in the face notable the way the nose interacts with the brow.

Just some update on the colouring of the face

Here's my end of day 1 snap below:

Here's the process so far:

After some great feedback from Mark Catherwood I've realised i need to revise the lower half of the body. Daintier legs will accentuate the upper body strength. I think rolled up sleeves with tattoos are a must also. See revisions below:

I've hit on a more fun and suitable body shape for the lower half. It provides a nice contrast to the muscular top.

Some work on possible accessories to see if there is even a need for them...

The white of the jersey had been bothering me as it needs linework to appear against the white backdrop. I changed the colour and added stripes to accentuate the curve of the beer belly.

Also I changed the hues and saturation to see if a little would work. I upped the saturation a little bit. It's subtle but I like it. The linework is mostly a more vivid red.

Some accessories. I had fun coming up with the sock on the peg leg. The character has developed into a pirate now :)

Time for shading and texture. I wanted to make him a grubby pirate who was out in the sun all the time and rarely washed and never washed his clothes. Paint and grime had built up to make a rainbow effect. I'm quite happy with the level of depth the piece seems to have with the added shade and colour effects. 

Would love some feedback if anyone wants to leave any :)

I added some shadow and a light on the cigarette:


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