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Penelope Bridge




The Flying Fox Art and Design Neo-Victorian Jewellery Labels

Quick sketches for jewellery display cards, labels and tags. The stamp at centre right is what I am currently using. Man Ray's Le Violin d'Ingres makes a stylized appearance as I push the f-hole concept back a century or two and incorporate it into a more modern style of calligraphy. I overworked the Flying Fox cursive with an inappropriate calligraphy nib, but it's the first sketch, so no worries. The fox was also better in black/white with the allusion of the orange and red fur in the background only. I may shrink and simplify her and  The necklace and earring cards will be heavy weight cotton card stock or cardboard with blind (no ink) letterpress impressions so as to keep it simple and prevent any interferrance with the product itself, which is small and often simple and full of diamonds. It is imperrative that the overall feel is bare, clean and beautiful. 

I wonder if it's possible to make die cut labels and stickers like this...with chalkboard spraypaint. 

Quick sketches of lettering styles, some of our current and future branding images, a little jewelry inspiration and a client appreciation photo of our work. The billboard by Luca Barcel on the lower right is a perfect example of the visual intensity that we are looking for, however the content is a little edgy...even for us. Le Violin 'Ingres is an image that I personally carry on my back in tattoo form. 

A Flying Fox Original; Moonstone Bridal Set. Our work bridges a gap between NeoVictorian and Modern.

A few stones on my desk right now; lodolite quartz and iron oxide quartz, all from Minas Gerais, Brazil. 

A literal interperatation of where our work lives. Our kitchen/dining room/packing station/home studio. 


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