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Joshua Muise

Creative Muscle



The Flyin Hawaiian

I had the pleasure of living in Maui for quite a while and living the true Hawaiian life.

While living there I simply fell in love with my surroundings and everything it had to offer. One interesting thing about Maui was their wild boars. These mighty beasts roam in the wild and are truly a sight to behold. When this challenge came up I felt like they would make an ideal subject.

The Moodboard:

Key themes were the islands themselves, the sharp, craggy lines of the mountains and volcanoes and a touch of their incredible, traditional pattern work (triangles in this case).



I hammered out a ton of rough stuff but settled on a sharp, angular concept and the moment I drew in 2-3 triangle to fill in the silhouette I could see it coming together.


Final Mark:

I ended up breaking up the contour a lot once I started filling him in. I liked the big breaks in space as it reminded me of the space between the islands. I also added in some more variation in his back ridgeline and created a cleaner spacing with his feet. 

It could use another pass (or 5...) but I challenged myself to get something submitted on time, so here it is.



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