The Flux of Past and Present | Skillshare Projects

MaryTess Mayall

Artist, Francophile, Bibliophile



The Flux of Past and Present

As an artist, I am also a self-proclaimed Bibliophile. I find books capitvating and the older, the better. I always wonder about who originally owned the book or what life must have truly been like when it came into existence. Because of this interest of mine, my main source of inspiration can be easily found in turn of the century encyclopedias and their illustrations. I enjoy discovering what types of scientific discoveries where made or elaborated upon centuries ago.

Even though the world today is in a constant process of new information, the past and all of its discoveries still hold a special permanence for me. Each diagram that catches my eye symbolizes the truth that was once awknowledged long ago. To emphasize this notion, I choose to sketch and draw these found vintage diagrams in charcoal, an erasable medium. 

Under these charcoal life forms and subjects, I am drawn to creating ambiguous and abstract backgrounds in my work to highlight the everchanging condition of environment. I enjoy letting the acrylic paint drip and blend together as it will, because I feel that there is such a liberating feeling in this technique. Just as I believe in the old adage, “everything in life happens for a reason.” It is with this trust and optimism that I create work to encourage others to think about the constant flux between the past and the present that fascinates me.


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