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The Flower and Her Roots




Constantly on the run from their past, will Teresa and Hannah be able to accept the help when it is offered to them, or will they once again turn and run. Choosing to fight against the world rather then their fears?


I believe that this story is mostly going to be targeted towards New Adult readers, although the main character is only 17 she has gone through a lot of things that make her have a more adult perspective on the world. 

*The beginning*

It was early January, a new year and hopefully a new life. The problem with January, is that it is freezing and that's not very helpful when you live on the streets. Teresa looked over at her sister who was huddled around their small fire, Hannah had been sick the past few days. Each day she was getting worse and worse, it was the weather she knew it, but what could she do? Taking her to a hospital would raise way to many questions, and stealing drugs was way to risky. Teresa looked around the camp at the others who were here, she didn't like to stay in one camp for to long but Hannah falling ill had caused a problem with her plans, Hannah was always the most important thing though so the older girl left her post. She had been keeping an eye out to make sure no one was coming for them, but it was time to step back and make sure that Hannah was okay. Hannah was only 9, and they had been out on the street for 6 months now. It had been the best six months of their lives, but Teresa knew better then to hope their good luck would last. She had been expecting something to happen, but she had not been expecting this. She had not been expecting fate to once again be punishing Hannah instead of her. Gently Teresa put the back of her hand against the younger girls forehead, she was burning up and for now all Teresa could do was snuggle close to her and keep her warm; six foot one, almost pure muscle and bone, and all Teresa could do was keep her younger sister warm as the sun went down. "Hannah, look, there's the first star of the night, make a wish and it might just come true." A silly notion that parents tell their children but it Teresa would rather let Hannah hope then let her die miserable and unhappy. She took the bait, closing her eyes and moving her lips as she made her wish. It didn't take long for the young girl to fall asleep and for Teresa to feel the loneliness of the camp. "We will survive this somehow, and we will make it through. Maybe someone will give me some under the table jobs, I can make us some money and get you somewhere warm were you can heal." She muttered to no one in particular. She knew Hannah was asleep and she knew the younger girl wouldn't want her sister working harder just to make  them comfortable. Hannah was content, but that's what made Teresa feel like she had to give Hannah the world. They had been through so much, it was their turn to have a little good luck.

Teresa was just starting to fall asleep when she heard the voices. It wasn't uncommon for people to come around trying to help out the homeless in the community, it was a kind gesture but Teresa didn't want the pity or the hand outs. This time was different though, she genuinely was beginning to lose hope of being able to help her sister. They had been running for so long and she didn't know how much longer the two of them survived. Teresa coughed and immediately she knew. This wasn't a dry throat cough, she was getting sick too, and if she didn't get help she wouldn't be able to help Hannah. Slowly she stood up, scooping up Hannah in her arms and walking towards the voices, listening intently to what they were offering. This time around it was just food, but food would help. Her shoes sank into the snow and Teresa could feel her toes getting wet where the shoes had holes. She fought against the urge or shiver, leaving the warmth of their fire felt like it was a bad idea but as she smelt the soup she knew that this was important. Getting in line she felt the exhaustion creep over her, her body felt heavy, once they ate she would sleep and hopefully they would both feel better in the morning. Once Teresa got a bowl for each of them she made it back to her spot, already taken by someone else she looked at them with malice and glared. This 17 year old had eyes that could scare even some of larger men at this encampment but really it was the rumors that surrounded her that made people want to tuck tail and run. Half of the rumors were false, but some of them were true, letting people debate over what was real and what wasn't made it easier for Teresa to keep others away from them. 

She didn't need people meddling in their affairs. Sitting down, carefully putting the bowls on the ground and setting Hannah in her lap she began to wake her up. Hannah was 9 but much to small for her age. If she had ever had the chance to go to school she probably would have been picked on, but neither girl had been to school in the past 6 years, and before that Hannah had been to young. "Hannah it's time to eat." Slowly the little girl opened her eyes, coughing and shaking her head no. "I know you feel sick but you have to eat. At least a little bit okay?" Hannah pouted but nodded, slowly opening her mouth. She could only manage to get down a me bites of the heavy soup before turning and hiding her face in Teresa's arms. That was better then nothing and maybe it would be just enough to help Teresa out. She then took her own bowl and began to eat, it wasn't as hot now but it was still good to have something even a little bit warm in her body. She didn't have a blanket tonight, it had been stolen from them a few nights ago, but they would manage, and they would make it through one more night. After finishing her soup Teresa pushed the bowls aside, pulling Hannah closer and hoping that they could sleep off this sickness, but they weren't allowed to sleep just yet. Footsteps grew closer and Teresa shot her head up, looking at a man who stood in front of them now. There was concern and pity on his face and it irritated Teresa so much. "What do you want?" She snapped, pulling Hannah closer.

"You two really should be in a shelter tonight, it's freezing out and you don't look very well prepared for the weather." His voice was soft and low, he seemed kind and it made Teresa uncomfortable, kindness was never something offered for free in her life. 

"Thanks but no thanks." She gave him a look, hoping he understood that it was meant to ask him to leave but he didn't leave, he sat down so that they were on the same level. Was he trying to seem non threatening because it wasn't working. "We have someone who is a doctor here with us. Would you like her to take a look at your..." he hesitated before continuing, "sister?" The confusion was understandable since they looked nothing alike, Hannah with her blond hair and blue green eyes, Teresa with her Dark black hair and deep brown eyes, but yes they were sisters, even if not biologically so.

"No doctors." Teresa said probably a bit to quickly. "No Doctors." Her voice was a little softer the second time around but she was beginning to worry. Had they been found out? After six months of peace had they finally been found? The man frowned and turned back to where they were still pasting out soup. He whistled and then used sign language to tell one of the women to bring him a blanket. Teresa could understand it but just barely. Her father had been deaf and so he had taught her how to sign but she was out of practice, she didn't get to use it as much any more. 

"Will you be here tomorrow night?"

Teresa doubted it, now that they had been spotted she would have to move to a different location but she lied and nodded to him. "Alright, I will bring some more homeopathic remedies, since I don't know exactly how sick you are and you refuse to see our doctor."

"Why do you care?"

"Because you are to young to be dying out here alone." The woman brought over a blanket and looked at the girls. Teresa felt like a monkey on display, but the man handed her the blanket and left. It was think wool, and it was warm. Teresa didn't hesitate to wrap it around the two of them, tucking it in tightly. With this she knew they could make it one more night, and in the morning the would have to flee. She couldn't risk this man being friends with HIM. For now though, she once again began to relax, keeping Hannah as close as possible before slowly falling asleep.



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