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The First Story

Passion - Why do I want to write this story?

I am passionate about honesty and moral character.

Theme - What message should readers take away from it?

I would like readers to take away the message of personal responsibility/morality/character from the story.

Flaw - How must your character change to reflect the theme?

The character will have to make a shift from holding themselves free of responsibility to holding themselves responsible for their experiences and the impact of their behaviour on others.

Premise - What if the person (flaw) encounters (problem) and has to overcome the problem to solve the problem. Name the flaw 2x and explicitly describe them overcoming that flaw.

What if the dishonest/amoral character has to be honest or ethical to save something or someone that the character cares about - possibly themselves. The character will have to tell the truth about something they have lied about in order to be free or in order to save a loved one or themselves.


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