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The First Steps of Decoupage Technique

I have my new class in May workshop updated.



Title: The First Steps of Decoupage Technique


This class is perfect for someone that doesn’t know anything about decoupage but would love to customize an object, doesn’t matter if it is a new one or an old one that you are kind of tired and want to give it a second life instead of giving it away.

We will choose an object, think of the design we will want to make, look for the materials, and with the three decoupage techniques (paper napkins, paper/cardboard, photocopies) we will decorate it.

This combination will give you one of a kind object, and believe me, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

As I said before, this class is perfect for anyone with no previous knowledge, I will guide you step by step until the end.



Title: Customize and Object just the Way you Like it.



You will applied the decoupage technique to an object to customize it. At the end of the project you will have an unique piece of Art. In this assignment we will cover all stages:

  • Select an object. (1st picture)
  • Choose a colour and paint it (2nd picture)
  • Decoupage & protect (3rd picture)


My class outline

My Trailer published in youtube


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