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The Final Tale of the Manayunk Ice Festival

Week 3 - Final Project

First and foremost, this class has been such a blast. FCP has definitely become my new favorite program. Thanks Andrew!

With the skills from this week, I really love the way FCP handles color correction. It made a huge difference on my clips (even if I did get a little carried away at parts). It was also great to have the 30 second clip at the beginning to see how much you can learn in just a few weeks.

Here is my final project:

And the accompanying screenshot:

Week 2 - Commercial

This was so much fun! I'd love to see even more storyboard options in future versions of FCP.

Here is my placeholder commerical:

Week 2 - Fire and Ice at the Manayunk Ice Festival

This week, I tried to learn how to handle a change from day to night as well as a change in tone and festivities. Since I liked the way my 30 second clip worked, I added a few features and then turned it into a compound clip to concentrate on filling in the remaining footage. I love compound clips and think these are perfect when I've finished tweaking a long series of clips and am ready to move on.

My biggest challenge this week was the audio component. I don't know a whole lot about audio so it took me a lot longer to fiddle with this part of FCP, especially when I was trying to pick out a soundtrack. I went to all the links for free audio but it was hard to peruse such a huge library and find just the right music vibe. I also had trouble even after turning down background noise in the interview clips, like when Dan rubs against his jacket. I think this will just take a little bit more learning on my part but I think that FCP has some great features, especially for more sophisticated users.

Here is my work for Week 2:

Below is a screenshot of my Final Cut Pro set-up for this week, although with the longer running time it's harder to see some of the finer details.

Week 1 - Tales from the Manayunk Ice Festival

This week, I focused on telling a story about the crafstmen and the skills involved in being an ice sculptor. 

Here is my work for Week 1:

Working behind the scences like this reminded me just how easy it is to manipulate the viewer (for better or for worse) and how different each story can be based on the same collection of footage. There are so many directions you can go when editing and I love how you can dictate the emotions and perspective of a piece just by making slight adjustments and rearranging clips.

Below is a screenshot of my Final Cut Pro set-up to show how I chose to work on this piece. 


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