The Figure of Bloodwood City Act 1


  • Arthur is investigating a dark ally where an assault took place and finds the ally covered in the victim's blood.
  • He then finds a note with the message "Come find me, Detective Milestone."
  • Arthur is confused on why would the attacker want to be found by him specifically.
  • He then hears on whistle from the top of a close by building.
  • He looks up and sees someone waving at him before running off into the night 


  • When Arthur was very young he live happily with his mother ad father.
  • His father was one of Bloodwood City's detective.
  • His father was shot and killed by a drug lord late one night.
  • Arthur decided he wanted to walk in his father's footsteps and become a detective for the city.


  • Arthur is sitting in his office when he's given a large box of paper work.
  • He looks through it and sees they're all reports from different corners of the city.
  • Despite them being from different areas the detail of the assaults are similar to each other.
  • Realizing the descriptions of the women that were attacked are very similar to his wife and daughter he decides to take up the case.