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The Fighting Muskies: Kickball t-shirts for aging hipsters

INTRO ----------------------------------

The Lake Calhoun Fighting Muskies have played kickball (and broomball) together since 2004. Our kicking and fielding abilities have improved over the years, but our t-shirt design has not. We've faced all sorts of ragtag teams on diamond. Some we easily defeated and some became bitter rivals. All have had better looking -- and better fitting -- t-shirts.

My t-shirt (pictured below) is one hot-cycle wash away from becoming a crop top. That might be fine for 90 degree August nights, but not so great for October in Minnesota where there's always a 50/50 chance of a blizzard on Halloween.

To be perfectly candid, I'm responsible for the current look, hastily thrown together in 2006. Grab a script, grab a fish, and send to the printer! Oh, wait! That's not a muskie, that's a northern pike! See what happens when you don't do your research? (* Sad trombone *)

So yes, we're all excited for a new look. I threw together a Pinterest board of ideas and I'm ready to get this rebranding started!

SKETCHING ----------------------------------

After a my first round of sketching, I made a few decisions.

First, the logo shouldhave a vintage baseball feel, which lead me to a script.

Second, the script needed a bit of weight or it would look more like a wedding invitation, than a kickball team. I really wanted to make a ligature between the S and the K, but wasn't sporty enough.

Third, my initial instinct was to focus on the capitol M, but as we were playing kickball, I decided to playaroudn with the K. The K could easily look like an H, which would read "Mushies."Not cool. No one likes overcooked, mushy fish.

Last night, I made a few more modifications. All three of these have strenghts and weaknesses. The K is moving in the right direction, but I'm still trying to figure out the relationship of the swash with the M. I'm not sure if I like it interupting the tail. I *do* like the script being a bit thinner, so I plan to research some more brush scripts for inspiration.

What do you think? Have any sporty scripts you love? What's you fav vintage team logo?


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