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The Field Trip Co.

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to develop a presentation that tells the story of our business to investors. We have one lined up, but still need to present to them and have them take the final step of investing in us. So, I created answers to the initial questions both for the company and for the potential investors, just to be sure I knew I was approaching everything from the same place. Can't wait to continue to develop the story!

Looking forward to seeing everyones projects!



We are a small company that focuses on the curious explorer. We will take your group to behind-the-scenes locales and help you get the most out of it. We'll teach you things like how to butcher a pig, the science behind mixology and the best way to prepare a gourmet dessert feast over a bonfire. Join us for a trip to learn more about the world and more about yourself.


 Who is the audience?

  1. Corporate teams/groups
  2. Young business people that happen to be food geeks and are limited on time to plan extracurricular activities.
  3. Foodie tourists looking for a new experience.
  4. People looking to host unique events that present experiences otherwise unattainable. 

What is the problem/opportunity? 

  1. Trust falls suck, we present team building without them
  2. People may not have time within their busy lives to plan for unique experiences, but crave them.
  3. Tourists aren’t entertained by just a city alone anymore; visitors look for personalized experiences to help them see a place.
  4. Hosting your guests at a dinner isn’t enough sometimes; restaurants alone don’t create an event.

 How can we help? 

  1. We present team building without the trust falls, making getting together with your colleagues outside of work that much more enjoyable.
  2. We present personalized experiences for the local and tourist alike. Custom building field trips for your group.
  3. We give you the unique experience you are looking for, to give your guests a meaningful social experience, without the stress for you. We take you behind the scenes.


 Who is the audience?

 Corporate hotel group looking to aquire niche businesses to fill a need for guest experiences.

What is the problem/opportunity?

  1. When you stay at a hotel the entertainment offerings are limited to on-site restaurants or activities, often boring and bland.
  2. The concierge can only provide so much guidance to a city or locale.
  3. There are specific groups of guests that fall into the margins of the entertainment offerings of a hotel. i.e. The family members that are travelling with a marathon runner. Or, the young executive that is in town for a series of meetings, and doesn’t want to just eat at the hotel restaurant every night.

How can we help?

  1. We provide unique experiences with tailored guides that act more as a good friend would that just happens to live in this city.
  2. We extend past the services of a concierge and take you to the hidden, behind-the-scenes places, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience.
  3. We capture those marginal groups and give them an experience in the city that makes them want to come back next year for the same event, or plan more trips to the hotelier’s offerings elsewhere, to have those unique experiences everywhere they travel.



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