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Anastasia D.

Graphic artist



The Fellowship of the Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien

I chose the first part of one of the greatest stories I've ever read. The letter I designed is R. When I decided to start writing all the words that would come to my mind I was affraid that there where so many, I would never finish. I wrote whatever came to my mind and I realized that some of my words - names, places, elements - where also from the next two books of the trilogy or the movies that I've seen. (Please excuse any orthographic mistakes you may see.)After Mithril, all I could remember was names, but I thought that wasn't very helpful for my design so I stopped.

I chose a few words that had an important meaning in the story:

  • Gandalf - The "leader" of the fellowship,
  • Sauron - the Lord of the Rings,
  • eye (of Sauron),
  • Ring,
  • fire,
  • tree - the White tree of Gondor, 
  • Shire - where Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin lived, the begginning of the journey.

I designed some - funny, I must confess - sketches trying to see if some of the elements I thought, could be a part of my R. I wanted to fit, somewhere in my design, Sauron's eye and then I remembered that its place was upon Barad-dur (which I've forgotten to write before). Then the ring should definitely have its place in my R and on the other side there should be hope: Gandalf's hat and the White tree. 
Of course I didn't like that R and I so I had a new idea. I should design a letter R and put my elements in that, in a more "abstract" way. I also decided to eliminate the White tree, which was not a part of my story at the moment, and find a way to show Frodo "the ring bearer" and maybe the 9 members of the fellowship.

In my new design, Barad-dur was inside the R embraced by the ring, and there was also again Gandalf's hat, Frodo's door and number 9 written in elvish. Finally elvish 9 didn't fit so well and I eliminated it before I start adding colours.

Once again I wasn’t very happy with the result. It was clear that the left part of the R belonged to the “dark side” and the right, to “hope”. I redesigned R using just lines and I added some flourishes in the right part and some straight lines, like rays coming out of Sauron’s eye, in the left part.

...and NO! Something was wrong again. It looked to me like a neon letter sign. I didn't like the flourishes and unfortunately I didn't like Gandalf's hat either.

I promised myself that this would be my last attempt and I started almost from the beginning. I kept the Barad-dur fortress (adding an abstract eye on the top), the ring and Frodo’s door, but I made a brand new R, flourishes and rays.

 I think that this was the first time I said: That's it!


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