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Laura Kaucher

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The Fault in Our Stars

Book Selection // THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green

I just went the route of going with the latest book I read, since it's the freshest in my mind. The basic synopsis without giving away too much is that it's a story about Hazel, a sixteen year old living with lung cancer, and Augustus, a seventeen year old boy she meets in a cancer support group. Augustus, a former athlete, has an amputated leg due to a "touch of osteosarcoma". Although the book deals with the heavy subject of kids battling terminal illness, the book, which is told from Hazel's point of view, is full of acerbic wit rather than overly sappy, bittersweet moments.



Sketch 1 + 2

Both of these stem from the same idea. Sketch 1 is more organic and illlustrative. There is a good chunk of the book where the characters plan to go to Amsterdam to visit their favorite reclusive author. Augustus first proposes the idea to Hazel by showing up at her house with a bouquet of tulips. There is also a scene later in the book that involves torn pages from a moleskine journal. The two characters are really connected by two things: their illness and their favorite book. I kind of wanted to stray from cancer being the focal point, but in Sketch 2 I did include Hazel's cannula (breathing tube) as a decorative element since it is referenced so much in the book and is kind of a representation of her.

Sketch 3

This branches off the first two sketches. Same concept, but I was playing around with a bolder, cleaner sans serif G since this is a young adult novel about teenagers. I wasn't sure if the serif G was too refined for the book. Either way, I'm thinking of keeping the illustrations simple and not super detailed, so nothing is overly ornate.

Sketch 4

This is the simplest of the sketches. I might work some kind of pattern in the thick strokes of the G but I'm not sure yet. Right now it just features the cannula at the top and the tail of the G turns into a venn diagram used in a sweet moment in the story. This probably has the most potential to be a little whimsical, which might be nice.


I'm at the point where I think I need to step away for the night and come back to it later, but I would love to hear any feedback!


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