The Fault In Our Stars by Nicola Broderick

OCT 15

Hello Everyone!

I chose "The Fault In Our Stars," a love story of a 16-year-old cancer patient, who meets and falls in love with a similarly afflicted teen from her cancer support group. Written by author John Green. My dropcap focus is on the letter "G".

After I read the book here is by brain storming:


Here is the sketch I chose to move forward with:


The idea behind the sktech is the main character's crutch, her oxygen tank. It is meant to portray the target of her pain, and also represent what continues to supply oxygen for her to live. As the story progresses she falls for a boy and he becomes the oxygen, which is why I strategically placed a hear in the pressure meter. The background is a night scape with stars and clouds to represent looking up at the night sky, their journey to Amsterdam, and again oxygen. 

The progress for this project digitally:

The cover seemed flat so I makde some tweaks and tried using gradients and fades. The airplane then became questionable so I left it out. The hardest part for me was making the "G" letter form look flawless. It took me several trys to get it in a place where I thought it looked okay, but I'm still unsure. I took the extrema very seriously and might have over shot it. Still seems a little unfinished but I would LOVE some feedback to what you think I can do to better polish.

Here is where I've ended up at the moment.. Trying to think of ideas that will add to the G letterform. If you have any suggestions please post them below. I am a first time letterer so any comments would be fabulous! 



Thank you for viewing and leaving your comments! Great expirence on this project, love to hear your thoughts/perspectives so I can better impove on the idea and execution.


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