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The Fate of the Quelccaya Ice Cap in Peru

In fact - that may be an better overall approach?

Create an animated infographic of how we GPS-survey ice cap margins. We talk along with the GPS, effectively tracing the outline of the ice cap. This might look great as an animation - the points appear 'as we walk along' - the map below shows 3 years, but we have about 10 years of similar measurements. This would be a more specific story (rather than the more general idea above).

This needs a voice-over: think something along the lines of Minute Physics meets animated infographics!

1) Show an animated XY graphic: temperatures rising over the last ~150 years.

2) Show the same for sea level - animated XY graphic for rising sea level.

Move one to upper left, the other to upper right corner and ask: But - how are they connected?

Then fly-in bullets points: It's complex, but you have thermal expansion, ocean circulation dynamics, and shrinking glaciers!

3) Show a few example of receeding glacier from all other the world: essenitally 2 photos each, one recent and one from a few decades ago, with the old fading into the new.

But - how do we measure that?

4) Quick animation of GPS: It's complex, but by triangulating to these orbiting satellites we can figure-out where we are to about 10 feet or so with inexpensive gizmos and to within a few mm with fancy high-end tools.

5) Show pic of me with GPS on backpack - fade into an animated stick figure that's walking along Central Park with his iPhone and we see his track appearing point-per-point on Google Maps.

Now - take the stick figure have him walk along the edge of a glacier and he maps the edge of the glacier for you!

6) Now take the most recent Landsat 8 scene (or, better: Geoeye) and show the stick figure walking in the upper right corner while first the yellow, then read, then green dots appear 'as the stick figure is walking'. I actually have more years of data.

7) Then, while the stick figure is still walking along in the upper right, fade into a line graph that shows the recession in meters plotted as a function of time.

8) Then go back to the start: rising temperatures (upper left), receeding glacier (lower middle), and rising sea level (upper right) and in the center fade-in the stick figure again = the human!

Not sure how to best end it without getting into many more issues.


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