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The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Langley

For the class I'm going to be working on fine tuning the script for the first episode in a comic I'm working on: The fantastic adventures of Captain Langley.


Edit since lectures are up:

Once upon a time... There was a brave space captain

and every day... she travelled the universe searching for adventure.

Until one day... she saved an alien from a giant lizard.

Because of this... The alien invited her to meet the chief. But the chief needed her to Kill the giant lizard.

Because of this... She had to hunt the giant lizard.

Until finally... She found out the giant lizard was a mother. So she relocated it.

Ever since that day... The village is safe from the giant lizard.

This structure shows that there are two stories in what I'm writing. But they're one after the other. I don't know if that means they're too complicated. It DOES suggest though that I do need to put something before Page 1(below) to establish the norm for Captain Langley.

Second Edit: I'm going to cut my story down to just the bare bones, the structure above. Then I'm going to flesh it out a bit with some character bonding between Langley and Tekharr. After that, I'll knock up some storyboards and put them up so we can get a visual of what's happening.

Captain Langley lands on an alien planet and rescues a local by driving off a dangerous monster. The local alien introduces herself as Tekharr and takes Captain Langley to meet her (Tekharr's) father.

Tekharr's father, the Chief of the village is greatly impressed by Langley's act of heroism in saving his daughter. But upon discovering the beast has not been killed becomes troubled.

The beast will continue to be a threat to the locals, hunting and eating them if it isn't put down. So he asks Langley to track it down and kill it. He would send soldiers, but the Arakthi raiders have been more active recently, and they need to protect the town.

Captain Langley agrees to track down the beast, and Tekharr insists upon helping. So, they leave on a quest to find and slay the beast.

(During this time, Langley and Tekharr will bond, discussing where Langley comes from, and some of the troubles that beset Tekharr's village. This will help forge a friendship between them.)

They find the lair and discover the monster is a mother. Langley decides that rather than kill the mother, they must relocate it. Tekharr, disagrees with this idea, as the beast is dangerous, and has a very large hunting ground.

While they are discussing this, they are interrupted by the beast, enraged at finding them in her nest. Using her ray gun, Langley calms the beast, and they harness it, and begin the process of relocating it.

They travel for a few days, and over this course of time, Langley learns more information about the Arakthi raiders and suggests relocating the beast close to them so as to distract them from attacking Tekharr's people.

They find a suitable cave, far from Tekharr's people, and close to the Arakthi lands. Langley sends Tekharr outside and then carefully removes the harness from the beast. The beast rushes between Langley and the Egg, allowing Langley to back out of the cave safely.

With the town safe, Langley and Tekharr return as friends.

Here are the first 10 pages I've done.

Apologies about the dodgey images, I don't have a large scanner, so I had to just take photos.


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