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Liz Bickerdike

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The Family Christian

Bit of a rush job on this one, so it could do with a lot of work, but as a starting point there's stuff that could work here I think...

My maternal family is small, just me, my parents and my grandparents (my mum's parents). My grandparents surname is Christian, and my grandfather insists we are descended from Vikings, although as far back as anyone can trace my family has always lived in Yorkshire in the north of England.

Every year we would go to Blackpool on holiday, famous for it's Tower, illuminations and 3 piers! It's in Lancashire and there is hundreds of years old rivalry between the houses of York (white rose) and Lancaster (red rose). 

But when we've had a tiring day of bitter northern rivalry we like nothing better than MANY cups of tea while watching a lot of soap operas - Emmerdale (set in Yorkshire) and Coronation Street (set in Lancashire). Hmmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern.

The colours are of the rugby league team (another very northern England sport!) my grandparents have supported their entire lives.

So my logo (which is a bit free-form!) has a Viking long boat, Blackpool Tower, white roses and soap bubbles. And what else could a Yorkshire family motto be but "More tea please" (apparently "more tea" were my first ever words). 



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