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The Fall

I want to create a print that would fit in a children's story book or would look great as decoration in a kid's bedroom, themed: autumn, forest, fairytale creatures.

Because we've all been five years old, kicking around leaves, staring at a mushroom hoping to see a little gnome or elf appear. I do swear I saw one, a long long time ago...The title needs to reflect both the fall time, and a 'fall' of some kind, into another world perhaps, or maybe the fall of that world. Not sure yet.

Huge inspiration for me colour wise is Kibuishi's Flight #5 cover. When I saw this, I knew I wanted to make something colour-themed. 

Used as inspiration for my first sketches:

Mushrooms // Ferns // Moss ......Forest love.

A Walk Through the Autumn Woods

I am a very inexperienced artist, just starting out and rediscovering my love for illustrating, so I am very open to where this will take me and want to use this project to discover personal style preferences and work on technique, etc.

Sketch #1 (rudimentary):



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