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Stephanie Faye

Freelance Designer & Coffee Connoisseur



The Fahey Family

While talking to my family about our last name, I discovered that my grandparents changed the spelling from 'Fahey' to 'Faye' to fit in more upon landing in Canada from Ireland.

The actual Fahey family crest looks like this:


I decided that, rather than doing a crest for our entire family for the last few generations, I would make a crest for just my immediate family - parents and siblings 4 siblings.

I started off drawing icons of things from our childhood and weird family sayings, but the main thing that kept coming to mind was the fact that we just don't stop working. Holidays and weekends are just spent doing more chores and catching up on work that didn't get finished during the week. Most of us are entrepreneurs so we're accustomed to working random and exceedingly long hours.

Basically my crest boild down to the main ideas:

  • Our Irish heritage - I did a modern spin on the blue and yellow from the original crest
  • Location - my sister and I live in B.C. while the rest of the family lives in Ontario. I used the 2 most iconic buildings from each place (the C.N. Tower in Toronto and Harbour Centre in Vancouver) to represent the laurels.
  • Time - there's never enough of it! Rather than make the body of the design a generic shield shape, I made mine into a clock.
  • Work - Cooking and renovation work are what we do the most. The hammer and rolling pin act as the hour and minute hands and symbolize what we do around the clock.
  • Sunburst Gradient - there's a lyric in a song by The Killers called 'Be Still' that reads: 'Rise up like the sun, labour 'til the work is done'. I always joke with my family that that could be our slogan.






"We Don't Believe In Weekends"








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