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Jane Skirrow

Surface Pattern Designer



The Eye

This course has been great to re-energise my creativity and is a great framework to begin future projects. I pulled the 'eye' out of the hat! I started with the spidersweb:


and then collated a mood board via Pinterest:


I started to doodle ideas that came to me:


I then opened Illustrator and began to put some of these ideas into patterns:


And gathered photos of anything that reminded me of an Eye, either real or slightly abstract! I played with food and even attempted a collage out of paper:


So, I'm about half way through. Will need to be a lot more creative from now on to reach the 100 mark!

Just updating this project with some more 'eyes'! Tried to incorporate typography into an eye shape and also played with the brushes in Illustrator -


Next, I used some of the patterns developed previously and typography to produce the following -


Added more photography by observing items around my house, the outdoors and the internet


...and finally did more drawing. Note to self: learn to draw!


So, I've got up to 80. Starting to struggle and still attempting watercolour, but not liking anything that i've produced so far! Will keep trying and get this project completed!!!

Here are the final 20! Hooray, all done!

I experimented with watercolour paints - 


and in the photo collage below, played with food, leaves and weaved strips of paper into a lattice pattern within an eye shaped template. Also received a beautiful birthday card recently with a gorgeous owl - check out his eyes!


Finally, got back onto Illustrator and created the following Logos. Thanks Faye, this method really works and I'll use it in the future when starting projects.


That's 100!


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