The Eye of the Lord | Skillshare Projects

Evan Delagrange

Graphic designer, musician, slayer of evil



The Eye of the Lord

As I searched for a compelling photo to start this project, I came across this one I took of a statue of Jesus in my hometown. What's more compelling than Jesus?

My last project for this class series was called The All-Seeing Eye, so I stuck with the eye theme for this one as well. It's said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so it seemed appropriate for the subject matter. The project parameters (using masks to make a collage) lent itself well to making a complex representation of the supernatural, omnipotent vision of Jesus.

The process of making this piece was relatively straightforward. I masked certain areas of the original image and moved, rotated, and resized them for the various pieces. I used layer styles to add strokes to certain parts, and used the direct selection tool to manipulate anchor points on shapes.


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