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The Explorer

Hello and salutations to everyone, I'm Jon. I don't really have a background in concept art for characters or environments, but I want to get better and get better at the process of getting an idea out onto paper and refine it to completion.

I'll be updating as I progress, but I thought for now I could describe my theme. It's 'The Explorer', which should make for an interesting character because you see them a lot in movies, games, comics etc.

There isn't any set period this character could exist in, though. What could he/she be exploring? The jungle? Ruins? Mountains? The ocean floor? ...SPACE?? Are they a vetran, adept or some newbie? What kind of equipment does he/she use? What could their last resort (or regularly used) weapon of choice, if any? I'm leaving it up to where the thumbnails take me.


Okay here is my first thumbnail update. The software I'm using is Sketchbook Pro so I'm not using very textured brushes right now, but do know how to make some in the program. However I'm using the stock paint brush which blends a little bit of the white around the black and also has a set paint load so the opacity drops fast. You can clearly see from the first few I started to play around are more stiff than the latter. I'm not sure if any are really jumping out too much at me, so I will probalby do more thumbnails till I hear more feedback.


So I'm a little stuck on the refining stages, although I know I don't really need more details than I already have. I would just like to narrow it down to 3 more, and look up some more reference for gear and stuff. Suggestions are welcome.


Hi everyone,

This update is a long time coming because I fell out of modivation. I will be working to update more, so I hope the community here is still around for those of us still working on this class.

My only comment on this update is that I used reference of actual people for these explorers, and most are pretty modern. I've been working in sketchbook pro but other than varying the pencil I don't have much texture going on because I'm not as used to the tools right now. I would say I might be leaning towards the right- most explorer because he/she might be a good cloth study, while the other two I have detailed reference I could study as well. Then again I should leave some things to the imagination.


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