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The Event Studio

Photobooths have become popular at weddings and other events.  As a photographer I did not particularly like them because I thought they detracted from my work and that they seemed like competition.  Perhaps not warranted  criticism but still, lingering thoughts.

Then I saw an open air booth at a wedding.  People loved it and I thought, "I can do this."  I experimented a bit and bought equipment.  The market price for this is fairly well established, with a reasonable profit margin.  The target audience is focused and abundant but there is lot of competition and the market for this services will likely become saturated fairly soon.

My approach is different, more of a creative, sophisiticated approach rather than cheap and silly.

I reached out to DJ companies to offer my service as a subcontractor, but very little response.

So I am focusing on direct sales, doing bridal shows with e-mail marketing.  I've done one show.  The response at the show was encouraging.

Three sets of e-mails were sent to show attendees.  Reasonable statistics but no sales, yet.

More shows to come and more marketing to do.


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