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The European Action Jacket!

We all want to look amazing in our everday garments and feel like Hercules, right? Well, a lot of us migrate to many different places everyday, either for work, play or just to be doing something awesome. I wanted to make a jacket that meets the need for everyday use, look amazing, and can handle the elements. I will be attempting to design a european style jacket that is mainly composed to soft merino wool. The jacked would be a mixture of a fitting sweatshirt and a military jacket. My main demographic is anyone who leads an active lifestyle to consistent moving from one place to another and performing multiply tasks throughout the day, however, I would like to create the men's version first.

When comparting my idea to the market, I see multiple sweatshirts that are consistently being manufactured that are usually always the same design. In my perspective, sweatshirts could use a makeover. Not just with a new material and fit, but also with a spur of style. If I would be able to submit the jacket into the market, it would roughly value for $100-$120. Honestly, I have never designed clothes before, but this will be fun.


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