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The Euroclub

Being a kid meant having no boundaries, loving life, and most of all-making friends that will be forever. Believe it or not, EuroClub is all about being a kid while integrating new professional relationships and experiences along the way. No matter how crazy or risky things may have been, our group always stuck together to reach our final goal. Even if that goal at the time was going to the corner store to get some fruit punch frooties. Over the years we’ve kept our childhood alive within us with dope plastic watches, penny candy, and video games. Now, we have one common goal- make something of ourselves and have fun doing it. We want to blow up fast. The only way to do this is to put down the benjamins and pick up the highest currency our planet has to offer, euros. EuroClub is a clothing line for people like us, who always wanted to be on top of the world. Whether it’s in fashion, music, sports, or partying, we represent not stopping until you have surpassed your goals. We will never forget where it all started. With that… Bonjour to the most paid! 

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We have two main logos we use, one is clled the classic. It has a classic feel to it and utilizes the Euro symbol in a styalized way. The second logo is reffered to as the "Eiffel", its more elaborate and incorporates both the eiffel tower and a euroc coin. 

Our slogan embodies what we are about and how we want the world to remember us. 

"Bonjour to the most Paid" 

This is a toast or salute to the people getting the most out of life. It embodies people that are fuffilling their dreams and reaping the benifits from doing what they love. Whether that be money or happiness we feel  if your doing what you you want to do, your the most paid. 

Below is what we have been working onfor years now and we hope you like what you see, also please feel free to leave feedback even after the deadline. We always are looking to better our brand. 

Our new snap backs are in, check back throughout the day to see our design process!!!

Eurolclub KIA. 

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